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We are an independent financial planning and investment management firm located in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas.  We have advisors located in Overland Park, Kansas and Peoria, Arizona.  We manage assets for individual investors and their families and retirement plan sponsors nationwide.


For Individuals and Families: We work with successful, well-educated professionals who are fast-paced decision makers with enormous levels of responsibility and demands on their time.  These clients seek to delegate their financial planning and investment management to an expert advisor because they acknowledge they either do not have the depth/breadth of knowledge in this area or they wish to spend their limited personal time pursuing other endeavors. 


For Retirement Plan Sponsors: We work with small and mid-sized companies whose decision makers recognize the benefit of offering a retirement plan but do not want the ongoing responsibility for the plan's management and upkeep.  These decision makers care about their employees and want to give them every opportunity for successful saving for their retirement.


Our Objective: We believe it is our responsibility to educate, inform and empower our clients, helping them establish and reach their financial goals and eliminate roadblocks before they occur.  We strive to deliver accurate and timely information and utilize a proactive approach in investing on behalf of our clients.
We understand there are many advisors who can offer you care and advice, but our clients desire something unique from their advisor.  We focus on putting those desires into action by providing:
  • Proactive Investing- We are proactive, tactical investors challenging Modern Portfolio Theory by practicing "Buy and Stay Invested" - modifying the asset allocation of our portfolios in line with our changing view of the market opportunities and value
  • Long-Term Perspective - As the media plays on investors' emotions, we maintain a long-term perspective to preserve and grow capital
  • Dedicated Team Access - We offer responsive, professional client service where you always have direct access to your Searcy team
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Download our FREE app for your SmartDevice, available on the Apple and Android market this interactive calculator shows how various sources of income could affect your needs and wants for retirement or college planning.
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For those interested in investment management only, we recommend that you visit an affiliated company, Allos Investment Advisors, LLC, which provides actively managed investment portfolios.
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