Why Searcy?

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We are passionate about viewing our clients' wealth from their perspective, to help them achieve success on their terms, where they stand.

We do not assume to know what "success" means to any of our clients but we work together to find better ways to make life and wealth more enjoyable and intentional. I guess you could say helping our clients enjoy their life is our ultimate goal, and if we can make their wealth simpler to manage, more secure, better understood for future generations, and more connected to their life, then we've accomplished something worthwhile.

Our clients choose us because...

  • We ask questions and take the time to understand your perspective on wealth and life.
  • We help your family marry your values with your money so you can make better decisions.
  • We educate your family on the true value of their wealth and how to leverage it for living better lives.
  • We show your business how to develop employee loyalty through thoughtful retirement programs.
  • We introduce and collaborate with other expert advisors when needed.
  • We are available, when you need us and how you need us. We stand Where You Stand.®

Searcy Financial FAQ

Who We Help

We serve successful individuals and families, business owners and retirement plan sponsors. Each client has their own needs, desires, roadblocks, and big picture goals. What they have in common is a desire to do the best for themselves and those around them – this could mean their family, their employees or their community. We help address the financial needs so our clients can spend their limited time nurturing relationships and exploring passions.

We have a compassionate understanding for the needs of our clients and spend time walking them through any specific concerns they may have.

Over the years, we have developed vast experience helping the following unique groups:

Multi-Generational Families

Planning for multi-generational families brings about unique financial concerns when you incorporate different viewpoints, backgrounds and goals. We help families approach uncomfortable issues while addressing the emotional and psychological perspectives of family members.

We meet you where you stand, helping you approach:

  • Financial Education for Each Member's Stage of Life
  • Family Foundation Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Family Business Management
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Family Legacy Continuity

We understand that money is a tool used to accomplish goals, and we work with families to uncover the motivation behind how each family member chooses to use their money. These motivations often vary greatly between generations of family members. We help you understand those differences in your family and move beyond them in order to create a beneficial plan and solution. We help families define their values and guiding principles so the family legacy can last for many generations into the future.

Doctors and Medical Professionals

The financial demands on your life as a doctor will be unique in every stage of your career. We author a financial plan and investment strategy to help guide you through a fulfilling career and lasting legacy.

We meet you where you stand...

  • Education/Residency
  • First Years as a Medical Professional
  • Seasoned Career Years
  • Career Closure
  • Retirement

Throughout your life cycle as a medical professional, one or several of the following areas might impact your financial needs:

  • Loan Repayment and Debt Management
  • Entering the Workforce Later in Life
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Risk Mitigation and Insurance Needs
  • Liquidity and Cash Flow Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Education Funding for Dependents
  • Retirement Plan Establishment for Your Practice
  • Your Exit Strategy from Your Practice

We understand the life and job cycle of a medical professional. We understand the amount of hours you spend working so that others can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, leaving you with fewer hours to spend on yourself. We understand that the financial needs of your medical practice are often closely entwined with those of your personal financial needs. We work to integrate all of the pieces so they are all working together to help you achieve your goals.

Special Needs Families

The confusion associated with giving care to individuals with special needs can be overwhelming. We focus on implementing a strategy that can enhance the livelihood of you and your dependents, leaving you time to focus on living a full life and celebrating the gift of their presence.

We meet you where you stand, helping you:

  • Connect with Community Resources
  • Understand Your Prognosis and its Impact on Your Financial Needs
  • Navigate Special Needs Trust and Asset Protection Strategies
  • Establish Your Estate Plan – Trust and Beneficiary Management
  • Plan for Your Child's Independence
  • Plan for Informing Family Members of Your Situation and Needs

We understand that each family's situation will be unique and require varying degrees of support. We will help you coordinate the team of professionals aiding you in your journey so everyone is working together to help you achieve your goals.

How We Do It

We Meet You Where You Stand

Life is messy. We understand that. Our process for helping clients isn't designed to fit everyone into predetermined boxes and treat them like a number. We are able to do what we do by meeting you where you stand in life. We respond to your current needs and address those you will have in the future, standing by you along the way.

We Communicate How You Want

Your comfort and convenience are a priority to us. We schedule routine update meetings to stay informed on what's happening in your world. Additional conversations are dictated by your schedule and your personal and family needs. Whether you prefer to meet in person, over the phone, via email or video chat, we remain available to you.

We Uphold Our Fiduciary Duty

We are legally bound to do what's in the best interest of our clients at all times. This is our fiduciary duty. It's something we would uphold whether we were required to or not. If you ever ask us to help with something that might creep into territory where a potential conflict of interest may reside, we discuss it immediately. If it doesn't fall within our sphere of service, we may partner with professionals who offer more robust specialization than we offer. Our egos don't get in the way of making sure you receive the best at all times. In fact, we believe in our promises so much, we've spelled them out here:

Fiduciary Promise - PDF


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