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By Marc Shaffer

A UTMA could be a beneficial choice for your family if you have children or grandchildren. Often, adults open these accounts for minors for future education needs, but they are not strictly for education funding purposes. I have friends who have used their UTMA accounts for a down payment on a home, to fund an overseas adoption, and to open a business. Not only did they provide them with funds, but they were also a learning opportunity. Most of these friends had to manage their accounts from the time they were no longer a minor to the time the funds were used. The account became their responsibility to oversee and manage for their future.

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By John Fales and Marc Shaffer

The concept of a “perfect time” to do things is one that is both not quite realistic yet incredibly understandable. One that is often talked about and pushed off to another, better time is having a baby. Not quite realistic because there will always be something or other standing in your way, yet incredibly understandable because of the myriad tasks that would be helpful to complete before starting a family. There may never be a perfect time to start a family, but no matter where you are in your journey, there are some common considerations for your financial planning.

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By Marc C. Shaffer

If covering the cost of a college education for a child or loved one is a priority for you, there are ways you can do it that are tax advantaged and that allow you to save over time to meet the goal rather than trying to come up with money when the recipient is 18 and going to college. A 529 Plan could be a solution that fits your needs. Not only does a 529 Plan account grow tax free, but as a Kansas or Missouri resident, you get a state income tax deduction to save you money today.

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By Ryan W. Brooke

There are many instances where someone might offer to co-sign a loan. A parent may be helping a child with a loan for a vehicle or home, perhaps because the child lacks the credit history to secure a loan on their own. Someone might co-sign a home or vehicle loan for a friend who has poor credit history. In these instances, there is an actual item being considered that could be collected in the event of a death. But what about student loans? How “on the hook” are co-signers in the event of a death?

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