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Health insurance and health care spending are popular topics of conversation among Americans. Most households are eager to maintain the quality of the coverage they enjoy well into their retirement years. But preparing for extended care requires consideration and thoughtful preparation.

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For those whom retirement is a long way off, it can represent a never-ending vacation, a time free of work and full of play. For others who are closer to retiring, their next chapter may represent an exciting season filled with new and meaningful contributions. Whatever your retirement plans may be, shrinking your domestic footprint may be an important aspect to consider, and you may be surprised why it matters. In this article, we’ll explore some reasons to downsize, and some smart strategies to consider that can help make sure your retired life is everything you’re hoping for.

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There comes a point, after living a robust and independent life, that a little help may be in order. You or a loved one may need some assistance with doing the everyday things that were once second nature and you may be considering a transition to a comfortable and affordable facility to suit your needs and desires.

Some people choose to start planning this phase of life early, for a few reasons:

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