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By: Michael J. Searcy

Working with a financial advisor requires a great amount of "trust" on your part, but that trust should not be developed based on feelings and verbal promises. Real trust can be built when you follow these 6 guidelines for choosing a financial advisor.

Know their structure.
There is a difference between a stockbroker and a financial advisor. Stockbrokers are in the business of giving advice on investment vehicles, while financial advisors can help with both investment advisement and developing a financial plan to reach your goals. However, some financial advisors may be limited in ways they can help you based on their professional affiliations.

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By: Michael J. Searcy

When your children believe they are dealing with someone they know and trust, it can make them more vulnerable to undesirable situations. Did you know you can also fall victim to the "stranger danger" mentality of thinking that the only people who might cause you harm are people you don't know?

Some Reasons Why People Do Business with Friends Include:
• Friendships are built on trust so you feel that trust would carry over to business
• Their verbal propositions seem caring and genuine
• You believe their knowledge of the industry is equal to others
• They offer you "extras" that non-friends wouldn't receive

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The 5 Fundamentals of
Selecting the Right Advisor

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