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We are pleased to announce the promotion of John Fales to Principal of the firm. John has evidenced his commitment to our firms and our clients during his time with Searcy Financial Services and Allos Investment Advisors. We are delighted to have him join our Executive Team and we believe his new role as Principal will enhance our firm’s continued commitment to our clients’ success.

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Over the 40 years that Searcy Financial Services has been serving clients, we have helped clients purchase Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance policies to protect their future. While insurance planning was, and will continue to remain, an important aspect of financial planning, we will no longer act as an agent to complete the purchase process. This act allows our firm to be known as a “Fee-Only” firm with various licensure and accreditation boards, as we will no longer receive any commissions for the sale of new insurance nor receive any commissions for the sale of insurance in previous years.

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By Michael J. Searcy

Screwed again!

Well, that title was supposed to illicit an emotion and cause you to want to read what I have written. It also has to do with two screws I recently had to deal with at Home Depot – and the advice I received.

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By: Michael J. Searcy

When a law firm was told they needed to pay $40,000 into their cash balance plan to cover a non-highly compensated individual, they decided a financial second opinion might be beneficial. After meeting with an advisor that helped interpret the language they didn't understand from their actuary, they knew their second opinion request had paid off. They discovered they could classify the employee in a more appropriate way and need only fund about $2,000 to the plan!

Getting a financial second opinion could be one of the most important financial decisions you make this year. Sometimes the findings can solidify the fact that your current advisor is doing a great job, giving you peace of mind about the advisor you have chosen.

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