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By Michael J. Searcy

As a physician, you spend countless hours working so that others can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, leaving you with fewer hours to spend on yourself and your finances. With your focus on your profession, you may fall victim to making financial mistakes that can add up over the long run. Here are four financial mistakes physicians make and ways to avoid them:

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By Michael J. Searcy

If you are a long-time reader, or client, you probably remember that I started my career some 30+ years ago working with young doctors finishing up their basic medical/dental education or while in specialty training. I remember visiting the medical and dental schools and witnessing the same repetitive activities by what I call the wolves. These are people in the financial services business who hold themselves out to be “financial advisors” or “financial planners” but every solution they present happens to be high priced insurance products. While I agree that disability insurance and life insurance are pretty important for a young (and older for that matter) doctor, there are appropriate and efficient ways to get this accomplished.

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By: Michael J. Searcy

Just as a misdiagnosis can occur with your physical health, the same can happen with your financial health. Financial setbacks can be a challenge to overcome, and the longer you travel down the wrong path, the more difficult it becomes to get back on track. By seeking a second opinion on your financial plan, you may be able to catch those misguided turns and make the changes necessary to reach a successful financial future.

If you starting working with an advisor early in your career and haven't looked at the options available to you today, you may not be aware of the industry changes, competitive standards and technology updates that have helped advisors advance their level of service and care. You may also be facing new life and age situations that weren't addressed in your original plan. In fact, you may have originally been set up with a "plan" filled with insurance and investment products that didn't take into account other aspects of your life.

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