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Investors are routinely warned about allowing their emotions to influence their decisions. However, they are not often cautioned that their preconceptions and biases may color their financial choices.

In a battle between the facts & biases, our biases may win, especially when we don’t realize we have them. If we acknowledge this tendency, we may be able to avoid making unexamined choices when it comes to personal finance. It may actually "pay" to recognize blind spots and biases with investing.

Here are some common examples of bias creeping into our financial lives.

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Rare collectibles can provide an entertaining form of alternative “investment,” and might seem particularly intriguing when markets are wobblier than Aunt Gertrude’s jello salad. Comic books can sell for millions of dollars, for example, depending on their rarity and condition. We’ve seen a copy of Detective Comics #27 (the first appearance of Batman) sell at $1.5 million.

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High net worth investors face investment challenges that some would consider unique to their financial status. The fundamental tenets of investing apply equally to them as with any other investor, but the affluent investor needs to be mindful of issues that typically arise only from substantial wealth.

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